Infos in english language

This side will give you the most important informations about our dogs and breeding plans in english language.For questions and reservation please call 0049 5692/ 995 992 or contact 

May 2016

We are expecting puppys !

we are very glad to pronounce the

wonderful mating between

Dam: DCH VDH CfBrH Delightful Dana from Quan and Avys Home


Sire: Portnadoran Rebus

date of birth around the 21. June 2016

wonderful black and white old scool BC with excellent Pedigree and wonderful Expression

more Informations under

Dana at Curfts 2016



Dezember 2015

Merry xmas to all our border friends an a happy New Healthy Year 2016

- our Cufts Year !

November 2015

We are very happy and we will pronounce our marriage !

the 21.11.2015 was the date of our wedding

Mai 2015

DCH VDH and CfbrH Delightful Dana is qualified for CRUFTS 2016

Second Time that we will start in Birmingham and our 4. border which is allowed to go there !


High Noon from Quan and Avys Home got the Qualification for Crufts 2016. He is a son from Avy. Beautiful dog

April 2015

Happy Easter Time for our friends !

22. Mai 2014

Very succesful weekend for Quan and Avys Home

CAC Wiesental

Delightful dana from Quan and Avys Home

-open class V1 CAC

Iceage from Quan and Avys Home

-open class V3

Quandary is the mum of Delightful Dana

16.Juni 2013

Our Puppys are born ! Fantastic birth without any problems. Beautiful little pups, 4 boys and 2 pretty girls ! All in very good condition and "Full of Life ".

Dana did an excellent job - Thanks to all my ´wonderful helpers ! Pictures coming soon.

21. May 2013

Fantastic good News and breeding plans for 2013

Delightful Dana was mated with a fantastic boy from New Zealand

we are very very proud of this possible mating and say a great Thank you to Carolyn, Ralf and Rheanna from Carolyns Border Kennel !

the litter will be expect in July 2013

Delightful Dana from Quan and Avys Home X Clan-Abby NZ Touch-o-British

24.12. 2012/31.12.2012

Quan and Avys Home says a GREAT THANK YOU to all our Border friends and new happy puppy owners -for your support and the love you give to my dogs !

Wish you a MERYY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 !


CAC Brandenburg

Clubwinner and DtCHVDH and CLUB Black Magic from Quan and Avys Home : Excellent V1 , CAC, Champion class

and her daughter First Lady from Quan and Avys Home : Excellent V1, CAC, Intermediate class

Great Thank you and gratulation to Siggi and Anne for this super results !

Iceage , my wonderful boy from Delightful Dana and Borderline country Justinboots is looking for a new home. He is a wonderful, very very promising boy, with super pedigree and expression, very good condition but still a baby with his 4,5 month. The idee was to keep him for my own breeding plans and to support my kennel. Would be lovely to find a Co-Ownership with this great newcoming boy !

13.05. 2012

At the Clubshow in Berlin beautiful Results for Bob and his Mum Lady and his sister Lady:

Bob winner of his class Excellent V1 with CAC

Magic winner of the chanpion class Excellent V1 with CAC

Lady third place - Excellent - V3

Thanks to Siggi and Anne for your great help ! Cause i have to stay at the puppys at home !


Danas Puppys are born ! My I-Litter is fantastic - 2 wonderful Boys and 2 wonderful girls. Beautiful signed.

The boys are looking for spotive new homes.


V1 and CAC and CACIB for First Borderline from Quan and Avys Home at the international dogshow in Lingen ! Very very good run from Bob and great performance.

Our Puppys are doing well - and they are very promising young borders - excellent litter !

22.April 2012

Our H-Litter is born !! 6 wonderful healthy puppys - 4 boys and 2 girls. Welldone Avy - you are a good girl !

girl 2

10. April 2012

First Borderline " Bob" did a very good job at the Paashondenshow CACIB in Leeuwarden Netherlands.

Judge was Mrs. P. Bailey  - Bob was the winner of his class with V1

09.April 2012

Both girls are pregnant - and we are looking forward to 2 wonderful litters from Quan and Avys Home.

Delightful Dana X Borderline country JustinBoots

 Avy X First Class at Real Pearl

15. March 2012

First Borderline did a great job at crufts and we got a lot of compliments for this excellent young boy. In his group he was under the last 7 dogs.

Avy is pregnant ! So we are expecting puppys in the middle of April. Sire is First Class at Real Pearl - Multjunior champion in Ungaria. He is a beautiful boy with a top pedigree and very healthy results. He is excellent fiting to Avy, so we are very very happy and hope to have wonderful puppys in the colours black and white and may be merle. For more informations call 0049/ 5692/995993 or send a mail to . A great THANK YOU to Mr. and Mrs. Korosc-Papp for their support and help to make this mating possible !! More Infos about "First Class" under

Next good News is that our Delightful Dana is also mated - date was the 8. March - so hopefully we will have another litter -our I - Litter in the middle of may. Sire is Borderline Country Justinboots - wellknown as BOOTS - a glamourus sportive boy with lots of expression - very good character - super pedigree - and also healthy results. A dream ! More Infos about this boy under
A BIG THANK YOU to Heidi Poschacher, the breeder of Boots to make this very special mating possible on the crufts weekend - during her own dogs were running in England !

We are very pleased about the trust and help which we have got from this famous breeders and judges. Both are very busy at the moment cause they have to organize the world dog show in Austria in May 2012 and in Hungaria in May 2013.


we are very proud to pronounce the results our dogs from the Exposition Internationale Fribourg ( Switzerland) :

First Borderline from Quan and Avys Home wins on both days the Junior class - both days BEST JUNIOR - and 2. Place BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR DOG !!

He is now Multi Junior Champion :

Junior Champion Germany VDH and CfBrH -

-Junior Champion Luxembourg -

 and Junior Champion Switzerland !!!

his sister Lady " First Lady from Quan and Avys Home " ( also crufts 2012 qualified ) wins on both days the Junior bitch class and is now Junior Champion Switzerland !!

Delightful Dana from Quan and Avys Home wins on both days the open class bitch with double CAC and the CACIB on Saturday and res. CACIB on Sunday !!


Bob wins the Junior Challenge in Luxembourg and is now Luxembourg Junior Champion !


Breeding plans are ready - and we will hopefully have a mating between " Avy " and "First Class at Real pearl " Hungarian junior champion - with top pedigree and healthy results. Will be a dream team - and Classy is a very attractive young boy with a great future.

24. January 2012

The Eye Examination from DJCH Club and VDH First Borderline from Quan and Avys Home is finished and he has great healthy  results. Everything is unaffected , that means that there is no evidence of the presumed inherited eye diseases. Also the Gonioskopie is unaffected and Free.

So Bob will availible as Stud Dog soon. Top Quality Dog.

January 2012

Happy New Year 2012 !

The first result in this year are the genetic informations about DJCH Club + VHD First Borderline from Quan and Avys Home

DJCHClub und VDH First Borderline from Quan and Avys Home

MDR  Genotyp N/N +/+  ( free )

CL Genotyp N/N ( free )

CEA Genotyp N/N  ( free )

TNS Genotyp N/N  ( free )

his x-ray is ready and he got an A - Hip Result ( HD - A )

Merry Christmas !

a very nice christmas time to all our friends around the world. Quan and Avys home wants to say THANK YOU - for this great success in 2011 - for being friends in good and bad times - and for your love which you give to our dogs !

12. December

The results from the Kasseler CACIB 2011 are more than overtop for our kennel.

German Youth Chanpion Club and VDH - First Borderline from Quan and Avys Home on both days Winner of his class with overwhelming Judge reports.

German Club Champion - Black Magic from Quan and Avys Home, Bob Mum, on both days winner of the Champion competition.

Delightful Dana from Quan and Avys Home - First Days winner of the OPEN CLASS and second day she gots a V2 .

we had a great time at and between the shows - a lot of fun with our friends - and we want to say a great THaNK YOU to all our friends for the great help !


Welcome Crufts 2012

we are very very proud to pronounce that First Borderline from Quan and Avys Home and his sister First lady from Quan and Avys Home are qualified for Crufts next year ! It seems that Bob tries to follow his famous dad - Borderline country Tempest - who was crufts reserve winner 2006 !

Bob is now 12 month old - german youth champion club and VDH - 3 times Youth winner - Best Puppy - and he has also his first BOB ! Very very good boy with excellent character und expression. A lovely dog who convinced up to now everybody.


Bob, still 8 month old

Bob moving well

10.Januar 2011

Quan and Avys Home wants to say THANK YOU for our very Best breedíng year 2010 !




Under Welpen-F-Wurf you can find new pictures of our puppys. Their developping is very fast and they look very nice.
Boy 6 days old


we can proudly present our F-Litter. The mating of Worldschampion Borderline Country Tempest and the German ClubWinner 2010 Black Magic from Quan and Avys Home is a great success. We have 4 puppys, all excellent sign and very healthy. 3 boys /1 girl all black and white. For interest  or any questions in one of the males please get in contact under

The Puppys only some hours old.


We are expecting puppys ! Magic is pregnant and we are very very happy about this excellent mating ! Date of birth will be the 23. October 2010. We have crosssed excellent pedigrees but more important is the healthyness and character of both dogs. I fall in love with "James" , he has something very special in his kind an he is so beautiful still in his age. Great !

 James and Hannes at crufts

 What a beautiful boy !

17.September 2010

Next week we will examin Magic for pregnancy. The first Ultrasound is always very exciting. Dana and Avy are in heat, but they have to wait till next year. Dana is still to young and Avy must have a break cause of the rules of the club - for me it makes no sence, cause she is in perfect condition and she likes to have puppys - and also for the healthyness it is better to let her go, but i think the club has his reasons to makes this decision in their statute.

21. August 2010

Our breeding plans for Black Magic are now public. Magic is mated at the 21.08.2010. The sire of our F-Littler will be hopefully the Multichampion " Borderline Country Tempest". Many People will mentioned his great performance at the Crufts 2004, where he gets the title winner open class Res.CC. " James is a beautiful dog with overtop quality . He wons so many titles and is also the world champion dog of 2006 ! Many many thanks to Heidi Poschacher and Petra and Johannes Nemec to make this couple possible.

July 2010

We are expecting the heat of our Black Magic from Quan and Avys Home the Clubwinner 2010 at the end of August. It will be our F-Litter and the sire is still open. Magic is an excellent border dam with very high quality. We start showing her this year and she needs only one more Ex1 to get her German Champion Title.

 Magic will be the dam of our next litter.

11.June 2010

Our border girl Fly "Anina from Quan and Avys Home" becomes Kreismeister at her first obedience event ! She got the highest points of all the starters not only in her group but also of all the other groups . Great day and great success for Heidi and the 3 year old Fly. Fly is a daughter from Quandary and Dylan. Gratulations !

Breeding plan for 2010 : Our F-Litter will be take place in autum 2010. Dam will be "Black Magic from Quan and Avys Home" and the Sire is still open. When you are interested get in contact under or give us a call for more informations.

 Black Magic is a daughter from Avy and she becomes Clubwinner 2010 ! She will be the dam of our next litter, planed for autum 2010.


25.April 2010

Black Magic from Quan and Avys Home is the Clubwinner 2010 ! She gets a V1, Best Bittch and The BOB in the Special Clubshow in Grefrath.  What a graet success, against 92 fantastic Border collies !

 in Grefrath Clubwinner 2010 !



 what a beautiful dog ! And she has an excellent character and wonderful "will to please".

17. March 2010

Our Puppies are now gone. They found beautiful new homes and owners and we will let you know what ´s going on in their life.

 Britta with "Enyo", Eightball Edy from Quan and Avys Home, Beautiful girl and beautiful boy !

 and the whole group of new owners with me and my dogs Avy and Dana

14. Febr. 2010

The boys growing up becoming 5 weeks old on monday. The litter is very equal in quality and temperament. We have a lot of fun with the "Fantastic Four" and today they were the first time outside playing with their mum. Eightball Edy is still looking for a new owner. He is a beautyful strong sire, with a wonderful head and excellent body. On the photo he is 3 weeks old.

 Eightball, 3 weeks old

6.February 2010

Our puppys "Eightball Edy" and "Energy Shot" are looking for active new homes and lovely familys. Both are beautiful signed .

 Energy Shot, 3 weeks old

 Eightball Edy, 3 weeks old


Our "Fantastic Four" Boys are growing up . They are very nice signed and close to eachother. Their names : Eightball Edy - Emerald Star - Energy Shot - and Exotic Gin from Quan and Avys Home.

 E-Litter from Quan and Avys Home, 8 days old


First pictures of our Boy-Group will be found under Welpen. Every Boy has a button on the left side.

 Boy from the E-Litter, 3 days old


Our E-litter is born ! Avy did a very good job and we have 5 beautiful little boys in our family ! We are looking for active new border homes for this pretty puppies.

 Trumagik touch the tartan "Jock" is the sire of our litter.

14. November 2009

We are lucky to pronouncce that our bitch "Avy" is mated from Sire "Trumagik touch the Tartan".  We will look for pregnancy in early December 2009. The littler will be born in January 2010 so that the puppys  are travelling in their new homes about easter time. To make pleasure we show a picture of "Black Magic" from Quan and Avys Home. She is a 1 Year old daughter from Avy. You see "Black is beautiful".


03. Oktober 2009

We are  lucky to say that Dana is developing very well. She is a little heartbreaker model and an excellent sportler. Some times it seems that there is a little bit of  "cat or rubber" in her genetic cause she is jumping like "Skippy the kangaroo". She is visiting the puppy school of our regional rescue team.   There are also Pepper and Cass in education and the border team has a lot of fun !

 Pepper at work

29. June 2009

Our Puppys are now gone. We are lucky that we found beautiful new homes for the little boys and girls and they are doing very well. Delightful Dana will stay at Quan and Avys Home - she is an exception little girl and we decide to keep her ! Thanks to all our friends and new owners. You make us very proud and happy.

 Dana 8 weeks old

06 June 2009

Our beautiful girl Delightful Dana is looking for a lovely, active, new family. She is very pretty and she has wonderful signs. Her head and body is excellent and she is very nestling. Absolute Heartbreaker. Contact under  or call 05692 /995 993 for more informations.  Dana is now 5 weeks old.

Quandary and Dana

 Collin and Avy playing in the garden

16. Mai 2009

New pictures are online. Puppies are playing in the garden. Having great fun ! Great thanks to Mrs. Brand taken this beautiful fotos. Look under the name of the dogs.

 Cheyenne Black - Collin - Cass - Cate and Delightful Dana !




07. Mai 2009

New pictures are online under the C-and D-Litter dog Names.
Our delightful Dana is growing up and she has now 800g. She is very active and Quandary is a very lovely mum to her with lots of TLC - that means tender, love and care !
The C- Boys and Girls are running and playing outside und they are training their voice !     Mum needs lot of patience and she is playing with the Puppys on a very careful way. Very nice.

 Cate from Quan and Avys Home, she is like a model and loves taking pictures of her

01. Mai 2009

New Pictures of our puppys are ready - sorry that it takes such a long time but as you see it`s worth. Look under  Cheyenne Black - Collin - Cass and Cate and have fun !

And first photos of our D-Litter girl are online. Look under  Delightful Dana !

28. April 2009

The name for the littel girl is "Deligtful Dana". She is growing up and has now 400g. Her signs are very beautiful.

26.April 2009

Our D-Litter is born. Quandary has a wonderful healthy black and White girl ! Birthday time was sunday morning 5.30 . Mum and Puppy are doing well.

23. April 2009

Hopefully this weekend will be birthday time for Quandarys D-Litter.

22.April 2009

Our Puppys are now 2 weeks old. Their weight is between 1,3 and 1,4 kg. The puppys start running and they open their eyes. I like to watch them in this time of their life cause they recognize their surroundings.

17. April 2009

Our Puppys are so active that we had to build up the puppy box. They are now nearly  900 g and their noses are getting black. Only cheyennes nose is coloured black since his birth - that is the reason why we call him Cheyenne Black. We like to watch the Puppys in their box, Avy is a wonderful Mum and she has plenty of milk !

Quandary is also doing well. The birth day of our D-litter will be next week. We are well prepared and are waiting for our new puppy with curiosity.

13. April 2009 :

Now we make our decision for the names of the C-Litter. You can find it under C-Wurf.

12. April 2009 :

The new born C-litter is doing well. The Puppies are growing up like "mushrooms" and they have wonderful faces and very nice head. Pictures are shown under C-Wurf.

07. April 2009 :

Our C-litter is born ! We have 4 wonderful puppies, 2 boys and 2 girls. Everythings is o.k. and healthy. Avy is a great mum. All Puppies are black and white .

01.04.2009 :

Avy is doing well. The body is growing up and we are waiting for the new generation. I expect 4 puppies.

29.März 2009 :

Her is the video from Christina and Gracy . Gracy is a daughter from Quandary born  07. 01.2007 (Her breeding name is Aljona from Quan and Avys Home). Thank You Christina for the video !

27.März 2009 :

Great Success for Gracy and Christina. First Place in Agility A1 on the competition in Röderhof 21.3.2009. And 9. Place in the jumping  Video.

24. März 2009 :

Back from the USA our dogs gave us a great wellcome ! Both Avy and Quandary look very healthy and are well trained by Hermann and Ursel. And the Ultrasound of Quandary is positiv ! So both dams are pregnant. First litter will be born at easter time.

12.März 2009 :

Dear Friens from Quan and Avyys home. We are on holiday for 10 days and will be online again at the 24. of March. For very important questions you can call my  Vet Office under 05692/ 99 59 69.

11. März 2009 :

Congratulations to Carolyn, Judy and Karl. We are very proud to have direct progeny from this succesfull bloodlines ! 2nd Places in Australia and Crufts in England. Great.

06. März 2009:

Our Avy is gravid. The pregnancy diagnosis with Ultrasound is positiv. We are very happy !

The birthday will be about the 10. April 2009. Easter time.

Planed - C - Litter

C-litter fom Quan and Avys Home

Sire : Dtsch.Ch. (VDH&Club), Dt. J.Ch. & Bundesjugendsieger 2004, Clubsieger 2005 Merlins Blue  Magic from Carolyn's home .

Dame : Utopia " Avy" von Hamels Hof

Planed date : 10 of April  2009, we expect blue and white and also black and white puppies

Due Easter Time, this will be the second litter for "Avy".

I will be looking for active loving homes for this litter. I am sure this puppies will be easy to live with and fun to work with. Both dogs are very familiar.

D-Litter from Quan and Avys Home

Sire :  Dtsch.Ch. (VDH&Club), Dt. J.Ch. & Bundesjugendsieger 2004, Clubsieger 2005 Merlins Blue  Magic from Carolyn's home 

Dame : Quandary von Hamels Hof

Planed date : End of April 2009

B-Litter from Avy